Parking By-law

The Township of South Stormont has adopted a Parking By-law to regulate parking at shopping centres, busy streets and public areas that require additional safety features during specific time periods. 

How to pay

If you do not wish to dispute your parking tickets, payments can be made, within 65 days of the parking infraction notice, in person at the Township or by mailing in the parking ticket with payment to the Township of South Stormont. Cheques and money orders are payable to the Township of South Stormont.

Potential Fines

Failure to pay the fine imposed upon conviction may result in your Ontario Vehicle Permit not being renewed and no new permit being issued to you until the fine and all court costs and fees have been paid.

Dishonoured cheques will be subject to an administrative charge. An administrative fee is payable if the fine goes into default and the information may be provided to a credit bureau.

Parking Quick Notes:

The following is provided for reference purposes only. Please refer to the full text of the By-law for legal application. 

Parking By-law  

-          Park more than 15cm [6”] from curb (5.2)

-          Prohibited parking areas – Anytime (6)

  • Maple St, south side from Dickinson Dr. and 75 m West
  • Simcoe St, south side from Moulinette Rd to Plaza St
  • Barlow Road, north side from Power Dam Dr to Speedway
  • Willbruck Drive, north side from 13970 to 100m west
  • Mille Roches Rd, west side from Bethune Ave to 110m south

-          Park 3m [9.9 ft] from intersection/fire hydrant (7.1)

-          No Parking - 12AM and 7AM between 01Nov and 01Apr (7.1.11)

-          12AM and 7AM – no heavy trucks, trailer or buses parked on road (7.2)

-          School Crosswalk Zone includes 15m (49.2 ft) both sides (8.2)

  • No parking 7AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

-          Prohibited stopping areas – without signs (9.1)

  • Across from excavation (9.1.1)
  • 30 meters approaching railway tracks (9.1.2)
  • 15 meters leaving railway track (9.1.3)

-          Fire Access Routes – no parking anytime (Schedule II) (10)

  • Long Sault Drive, north side from Plaza St and 104m east
  • Ingleside Plaza, north side from Bank St and 120m east
  • Colonial drive, south side from Vin Vista Drive and 50m east

-          No parking more than 72 hours (11.1)

-          Can have vehicle towed

  • Complaint of owner of private property (13.6)
  • In contravention of by-laws (13.7)
  • Over 72 hours considered abandoned (13.8)
  • Apparently abandoned without plates (13.9)
  • No obstruction of Enforcement Officer (14)