Lottery Licenses

The Township issues Lottery Licenses for Break Open Tickets (Nevadas), Raffle Lotteries with prize values up to $50,000 and Bingo events with prize boards up to $5,500. There are no Bingo Halls located in South Stormont.

All lotteries require a license and can only be issued to charitable or non-profit organizations as defined by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario.  Organizations which have never been issued a licence must first complete the Lottery Licence Eligibility Questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to apply. 

Proceeds from lotteries must be used for a charitable, education or religious object or purpose in the Province of Ontario.

Prior to the issuance of a license, the applicant must:

  • Submit proof of charitable status (first license only);
  • Submit a signed Raffle Application Form or Break Open Ticket Application Form;
  • Meet all Provincial terms and conditions, including financial reporting;
  • Provide any necessary documentation required by the Licensing Officer; and
  • Pay lottery license fee.

Township staff review all Lottery License applications to determine specific eligibility. Refer to "A User's Guide to Charitable Gaming & Lottery Licensing" for further information.

Lottery Licence Fees
Raffle Lottery* – $10.00
Break Open Lottery Ticket - 3% of prize value

*except "Catch the Ace"

Applications and Reports

All applications and report forms for lottery licensing are available below, or online at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website.

Raffle Lottery Application Form

Raffle Lottery Report Form

Break Open Ticket Application Form

Break Open Ticket Report Form

Bingo Lottery Application Form

Bingo Lottery Report Form

Blanket Raffle Lottery Application

Blanket Raffle Lottery Report